Finding hope

Supporting women to make the right decisions for them

1 in 4 women who seek abortions are victims of domestic abuse. That’s around 50,000 women every year in the UK who are simply not getting the help they need. And did you know that, shockingly, 30% of all domestic abuse begins in pregnancy? There is a strong link between violence towards women and abortion – and it’s a widespread problem.

Watch the video – ‘Ella’s story’

Finding Hope from LIFE Charity on Vimeo.

Film by (Mel Skellon)

LIFE’s Helpline – A safe space

Life’s National Helpline provides non-directive counselling and support. It’s free and completely confidential. Help us to reach more women who urgently need our help by supporting Finding Hope.

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£10 will fund LIFE’s National Helpline for one hour, meaning we can reach more vulnerable women like Ella. You can donate any amount up to £10 to Finding Hope by texting ELLA25 + £your amount to 70070. Or click here to donate a larger amount, or even set up a regular donation. Thank you.