Look after yourself


Get dressed

Even if it’s just into comfort clothes, this will help you feel more productive and less in a rut.

Do Your Hair/Makeup

Even if you’re not going anywhere this can help you feel ‘normal’ in a very chaotic time. People also often feel relaxed when doing hair or makeup and you deserve that.

Eat New Healthy Recipes

If you can, eat a variety of food and try different recipes. This will give your day variety and keep your body feeling healthy.

Get Some Fresh Air

Fresh air will help you not feel so cooped up or ‘stuck’ in your home. Getting outside would be best even standing at a window will be beneficial.

Be Creative

Try doing new activities or bring back old ones. Getting creative is a great way to keep your spirits up and your mind relaxed.


Everyone everywhere is talking about COVID-19. Turn off your devices and get some well-deserved time away.

Stay Connected

Even though we can’t go visiting, make sure you stay connected. A good way is video chatting or even just a phone call. This will help you and the people you are talking to feel less isolated.

Reach Out

Mental health is always important but it is especially important during times like this. Reach out if you need to and remember to check in with your friends and family. We are all in this together!

Check out

Living Life to the Full – Online cognitive behavioural therapy site

Young Minds – Children and adolescent mental health support resource

Headspace – Meditation/relaxation and sleep resources

Mind – Taking care of yourself – Wellbeing advice

Samaritans – Free and confidential counselling

Mood Juice – Online resource for all mental health issues, including bereavement