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That's 1.25 million people who've heard why Lifers believe in the dignity of every human person - and about our pregnancy-care services.

Mums and babies housed


In the 1970s and 1980s, it was in Lifers' own homes. Today, it's a national network of 23 houses for mums and their babies.

Mums we help every day


Every day, 140+ people reach out to Life for emotional and practical help about unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy loss.

As Life turns 50 in August 2020, we say, “Here’s to the Lifers”

For 50 years, Lifers have served families and educated the general public. Millions of people are better off today because of Lifers.

Thank you for being a Lifer.

Here’s to the mums and their babies

To the mums: thank you for your courage. Thank you for allowing us to help you. Thank you for bringing life into the world.

To the babies: thank you for being who you are. Thank you for all the good you brought to the world.

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Here’s to the speakers and the listeners

To the speakers: Thank you for telling people about their intrinsic dignity – and that of the unborn child. Thank you for telling them about Life’s services so they can choose a better way.

To the listeners: Thank you for listening. Thank you for considering. Thank you for being open-minded. And thank you for taking action.

Here’s to the advocates

Thank you for tirelessly speaking up. Thank you for taking a stand. And thank you for your principled, brave action.

Here’s to the supporters and the volunteers

To the supporters: Thank you for making all this possible.

To the volunteers: Thank you for selflessly giving your time to our shared mission.

Here’s to the founders

Thank you for your courage and vision. Millions of lives have been changed because of it.

Here’s to you

Thank you for taking the time to visit our history page! We’re passionate about supporting women, children, and families, and are delighted to share with you how we’ve made a difference. Together, we’re changing lives one woman, one baby at a time. And you’re invited to join us.

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