Impact April 2020

Our mission is to create a just society that has the utmost respect for all human life from fertilisation. We live this out by providing positive alternatives to abortion through support for women and families and education for young people. Thanks for being a part of this.

Welcome to our impact page. Here you can discover how Life is making a difference by providing positive alternatives to abortion.

Pregnancy tests


Every month we support women as they face the possibility that they might be pregnant. By offering free pregnancy tests, we are accompanying women from the very first moment of their pregnancy journey. We have seen a big increase in pregnancy test requests during COVID-19 lockdown.

Online support clients

Pregnancy Matters™ Online offers a skilled listening service by phone, text, email, or social media message. Here's how many clients connected with our emotional support in April 2020 and in April 2019 for comparison.

Life Matters® outreach


So far in 2020, the Advocacy team have issued six press releases, which resulted in 15 different media appearances. Added to the press releases, Advocacy were also carried in six other media outlets for comments. This makes a total of 21 media appearances where we shared Life's message and services.

Spotlight on Pregnancy Matters™ Housing

We are currently supporting 196 mums and babies (born and unborn) in our housings across the country. Take a look at how we are helping them.

Video 1 – Tenant

Video 2 – Support Worker Michelle Durand

A testimonial from a mum-to-be moving into one of our houses

“Moving into the Life House during lockdown was strange because I could not have anyone I know help me move my things into my room. My Support Worker helped to move my bags to the front door, but she had to wear gloves to do this and stand two metres away. I was excited to be moving in and could not wait to see my new room, unpack and start to set up ready for when baby arrives. I had to self-isolate for the first week and my grandparents delivered a food parcel to the doorstep for me. My last place did not have a bath, so I spent the first night relaxing in the bath here. I am so pleased to be offered a room; everyone in the house is so lovely and I am looking forward to having baby.”

Day in the life of a Support Worker – Niamh Stewart

“I have been working for Life for over four years … Being a Support Worker is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure. No days or weeks are the same. It’s extremely varied and to others its hard to put into words what a Support Worker does as our role is very much tailor-made to the tenants, children, and families we support either emotionally or practically to enable them to reach their full potential. One day we may be supporting a client with budgeting, filling in forms, and attending meetings with other professionals, the next with attending play groups or with cooking. With some tenants we work alongside partner agencies but we provide the best support for all tenants so when they move out from the Life House they have the necessary skills to hopefully have a better quality of life, achieve their goals, make a very real and positive difference to their lives and to live independently.”

Photos of our work

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our impact page! We’re passionate about supporting women, children and families and are delighted to share with you how we’re making a difference. With your help, we are providing positive alternatives to abortion and changing lives one woman, one baby at a time.

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The difference we have made so far this year

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