Impact August 2020

Our mission is to create a just society that has the utmost respect for all human life from fertilisation. We live this out by providing positive alternatives to abortion through support for women and families and education for young people. Thanks for being a part of this.

Welcome to our impact page. Here you can discover how Life is making a difference by providing positive alternatives to abortion.

Pregnancy tests requested


Every month we help women as they face the possibility that they might be pregnant. By offering free pregnancy tests, we are accompanying women from the very first moment of their pregnancy journey. In August, 150 women a day asked us for a free pregnancy test.

People texting for help

Here's how many people texted us for emotional support about pregnancy in August 2018, August 2019, and August 2020.

Life Matters® outreach


In August 2020, 116 people visited the Life Matters® Resources page. They got access to videos, fact-sheets, and infographics telling them about their human dignity and our services.

50 years of impact

Life turned 50 in August! We caught up with Professor Jack Scarisbrick MBE, Life co-founder, to discuss his thoughts on Life’s mission, successes, and challenges.

Interview highlights

  • Hi from Jack (00:18)
  • How Jack feels about Life’s accomplishments (00:50)
  • How the idea of Life came about (01:20)
  • Why Life offers positive alternatives to abortion (02:26)
  • Public opinion about abortion when Life started (03:42)
  • Life’s major impact (04:32)
  • Milestones (05:32)
  • Has Life failed? (06:43)
  • What Life’s next steps must be (07:50)
  • Jack’s message to all Lifers (08:30)
  • How Jack wants to be remembered 50 years from now (09:48)
  • Parallels between the Atlantic slave trade and abortion (11:42)
  • Changes in Life (13:55)
  • Are you optimistic? (14:45)

Learn more about the Lifers over 50 years here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our impact page! We’re passionate about supporting women, children and families and are delighted to share with you how we’re making a difference. With your help, we are providing positive alternatives to abortion and changing lives one woman, one baby at a time.

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