Impact January to March 2023

Life is a UK pregnancy support charity creating a world where no one faces pregnancy or pregnancy loss alone. We do this through our listening, housing, practical, and educational services. Thanks for being a part of this.

Welcome to our impact page. Here you can discover how your support for Life is making a difference this year.

Pregnancy tests requested


In January, February, and March 2023, 4,609 women asked us for a free pregnancy test. That's 50 every day! By offering free pregnancy tests, we are accompanying and helping women from the very first moment of their pregnancy journey.

People using our listening service

In January, February, and March, 2,257 people used our free pregnancy listening service. Whatever their emotions - from fear to joy, from uncertainty to courage - we were there to provide support by listening to their individual situation and helping them along their pregnancy journey. The chart shows clients' presenting needs. 'Other' includes contraception, fertility, and practical support.

Mums and babies moving in


We house mums and their babies who would otherwise be homeless, unsupported, or at risk. We can be a place of safety and sanctuary for them. Since December, we have welcomed 24 new mums and their babies into our Life Houses.

Mums and babies moving on


Whenever a mum and baby move out of our Houses to independent living, that's a success story. Since the turn of the New Year, 21 mums and babies have moved out of our Houses and onto new lives.

“Life helps mothers to be strong mothers”

Becoming a mother to a new child can be one of the most rewarding things we experience. But it can also be one of the hardest things we experience – especially if circumstances seem against us, our emotions are high, our mental health isn’t good, our finances are stretched, or if we haven’t got a place to stay. 

At Life, our passion is to help women navigate the transitions of life so that they can become mothers and that they and their child can have the best start in life. One of the ways we do that is through our Life Housing programme.  

Our 19 Life Houses around the country are far more than a place to stay. They’re a place where women transform themselves and rise to the challenge of motherhood. We help them do this through individual client support given in line with the Trauma-Informed Approach.  

We’ve got three testimonials from clients showing different aspects of our work that we’re able to do – thanks to your generous giving of time and money to help them. 

“Life is a place that gives hope to the hopeless. They help single mothers to be strong mothers and independent mothers. They give support, love, care, encouragement, counselling, and advice. And I would love to say a big thank you to all of our wonderful, hardworking Support Worker staff who go out of their way to make us feel happy and safe. Well done, team. Much appreciated. Thanks again.” 

– Life House client, March 2023 

I’m most proud of the things I have overcome 

One of the most important ways we help women step into early motherhood is through sessions that help them become more independent.

In 2022, we offered 583 such sessions covering a variety of issues and topics including parenting, money, relationships, cooking, and mental health.

This year we’ve continued this work. In the pictures you can see two Life mums taking part in one of our cooking classes. At this time of year our mums have been baking pancakes and Easter goodies.

“Before moving into the Life House, I was worried and scared of being alone – especially with a new-born. I’m most proud of the things I have overcome such as going out on my own and how I’m doing with budgeting money.

The benefits I found with living in the Life House was having other new mums to talk to and ask advice.

I mostly enjoyed the making new mum friends and doing activities with all the babies and mums with the Life Support Workers and volunteers.

I’m looking forward to making new memories in my own place.”

– Littlehampton Life House client

[Life] is the only place I have ever felt at home 

Supporting the child starts with supporting the parents. Through our relentless and passionate focus on serving women, we’re also serving children.

Thanks to your support for Life, there are many children here today – like the ones you can see tucking into some home-baked goodies! – who otherwise wouldn’t be here.

Each of the Life children is a person with an entire life and future ahead of them, thanks to your help. Children are in many ways our legacy. They extend us into the future. They challenge us to look out for others. And this is what your support is creating; not just new mums, but also new lives that will go on to make their own mark on the world. On behalf of our mums and children, thank you for making this possible.

“I was very down when I first came here as I was unsure about where I was going and what I was doing, but when I met my Support Worker I felt supported straight away.

I was given help with all the stuff I needed, support with like medical issues and low confidence due to mental health. This is the only place I have ever felt at home. Since going to college my confidence has got better and I am passing exams with flying colours that I never thought I would pass. It has given me confidence to stand in front of the class and do a presentation which I never dreamed I could do again.

Thank you to the Life charity for the ongoing support.”

– Walsall Life House client

Thank you for taking the time to visit our impact page! We’re passionate about supporting women, children and families and are delighted to share with you how we’re making a difference. With your help, we are changing lives one woman, one baby at a time.

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