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  1. Valerie Stanley-Brooks says:

    Hi Diane McMaster
    Many thanks for your query, without seeing the question it is difficult to give you a definite answer. Please use the 'contact my tutor' for a one to one for a clearer explanation.

  2. Diane Mcmaster says:

    In the core counselling skills unit 1a is there one answer for each question or can you use the answer say twice??

  3. Sarah Cummins says:

    Thank you Valarie.

  4. Valerie Stanley-Brooks says:

    Hi Sarah Cummins
    The 'observation sheet' in unit 1 is to be filled out by the observer who has witnessed you practice your core skills with speaker/client. Please read the 'Qualification Aims' in the Learner Induction folder for more information on the process.
    Warm Regards

  5. Sarah Cummins says:

    Hi Valarie, what are we supposed to do for the observation sheet in unit 1? or who do we ask to do observe us? many thanks.

  6. Valerie Stanley-Brooks says:

    Please use the comment box if you have a query or need guidance how to complete a question. Learners can reply to comments to support other learners. Comments will be monitored and given a reply by the training team to help you to successfully complete your assessments.
    Level 2 Counselling Skills Assessor

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