The Fleet house has been providing support to pregnant women and their babies since March 2003. Since the house opened there have been approximately 60 girls and their babies accommodated. There are many reasons why they are referred to us, it can be due to a relationship breakdown and there is often social services involvement. Whatever the reason the support staff will work with the client and resolve the issues that may be causing concern. These issues vary from debt management to parenting.

While living at the Fleet house the tenants have their own bedroom with en suite and share all the other facilities with other residents. While staying at the fleet house tenants are expected to attend life skills sessions that we put into place as well as the individual sessions. We have been fortunate to house a volunteer who comes to the house once a month for a few hours to do baking and cooking with the tenants. We also encourage the tenants to attend craft sessions at the church.

Fleet house continues to have strong connections with Turners wood Children’s Centre. The children participate in messy play, painting and much more. This is a great sensory skill for the children.
We are visited by the Fleet house health visitor every two weeks which tenants look forward to.
During their stay the support worker will work with the local housing team to try and find accommodation for move-on. Private rented accommodation is the most likely now as the waiting list for social housing is over four years depending on which local authority. Once leaving the Fleet house clients will be offered further support in community to support them in their new homes. The local Hampshire Life group provide a very useful starter pack.

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