New screening technique will increase abortion for disability

Todays NSC approval is deeply concerning as it will make it even easier to search out babies with fetal abnormalities and lead to an increase in the number of abortions for babies with Down’s Syndrome. Our Director of Education Anne Scanlan, said: “We must remember that when we say screening, we are screening for something:… Read more »

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Extreme morning sickness: Expecting women to put up with it or have an abortion is not good

A joint report by BPAS and Pregnancy Sickness Support called “I could not survive another day”, found that women with extreme nausea and vomiting are not receiving the support they need. Life spokeswoman Anne Scanlan said: “This is a sad indictment of the lack of support some pregnant women receive. With proper care and advice,… Read more »

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Overwhelming defeat in the Irish Parliament for disability abortion proposal

A proposal that would have allowed abortion for a wide variety of disabilities was decisively defeated in the Irish Parliament, Dail Eireann, yesterday (Tuesday 10th February). The amendment to the 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, tabled by opposition member Clare Daly, would have allowed abortion for disability “where the foetus has a fatal… Read more »

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