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What makes you happy?

Tomorrow, Friday 20 March 2020 is International Day of Happiness.  It seems these days there is a national or international day for pretty much everything, but this is one I discovered a few years ago and I feel is very much worth highlighting especially during this time of global crisis. International Day for Happiness was… Read more »

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We can do better than this

Campaign group Don’t Screen Us Out have written an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging him to protect pre-birth human beings with Down’s Syndrome in Northern Ireland. Don’t Screen Us Out describe themselves as “a grass-roots initiative supported by a collection of people with Down’s syndrome, families and Down Syndrome advocate groups led… Read more »

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Listen with mother Some of you will remember, and many of you will have heard of, a programme that was on BBC radio called “Listen With Mother”.  The first short episode consisting of a collection of songs, rhymes and stories aimed at children under the age of five was broadcast 70 years ago this week (Thursday 16 January).  Learning to listen Most children love to sing… Read more »

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