Search engines finally agree to stop aiding gendercide in India: why were they so reluctant?

Following a meeting with the Indian government, search engines Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have told the Supreme Court that they will no longer display search results which would aid someone in committing gender-selective abortion. In July the government found that search engines were acting in defiance of Indian law which makes gendercide a criminal offence…. Read more »

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Hope given to woman with MS: but could we give hope to many more?

“I felt a little light go on inside me, a glimmer of hope. Something just clicked in me.” This week, the Bournemouth Echo told the story of Sarah Waters who, since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, saw her health rapidly deteriorate to the point that she felt that she had no other option… Read more »

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The pursuit of justice: Aisling Hubert’s case

Aisling Hubert, 23, above, faces a £47,000 legal bill for her attempt to bring two doctors to justice for agreeing to perform sex-selective abortions, after her case was quashed by the Crown Prosecution Service. The two doctors were filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortions during a Daily Telegraph undercover investigation. “I don’t ask questions. If you… Read more »

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