Dutch euthanasia study finds many “patients” have mental health problems

These findings are similar to those from a Belgian study which we blogged about just last week. This should be a huge alarm bell for those seeking to introduce assisted suicide in the UK, because it shows how easily medically-endorsed killing can become routine and perhaps even “expected” of some members of society. A quarter of all… Read more »

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Assisted suicide and the Crown Prosecution Service: do we have a problem?

On 26th April this year, the Sunday Times (£) reported on an important court case: a disability campaigner, Nikki Kenward, was seeking (and has now been granted) a judicial review of the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) recently revised guidelines for prosecutors in cases of assisted suicide. Previously, the guidelines stated that if someone accused of assisting… Read more »

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Welcome to our new CEO

The Trustees are delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Sharpe as our new CEO. Stephen has over 20 years’ wide experience of charity work (including supported housing), business management, marketing and fundraising, is a member of the Institute of Directors and has worked as founder and director/CEO of several charities and Community Interest Companies…. Read more »

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