If I were to ask you…

Looking back on our own lives every one of us knows intuitively that conception/fertilisation was when I began being me – unique me – and I have been me ever since. When that sperm fused with that ovum there was an ‘explosion’ of astonishingly complex, highly organised new life. I was already genetically complete. Details… Read more »

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Get ready for the General Election

We are less than ten months from a General Election, and 7 May 2015 will come round much more quickly than we think! Recent events – most notably the General Medical Council cover-up of pre-signing of abortion authorisation forms and revelations about gender abortion – have made it clear that many influential people in politics,… Read more »

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Is the West best on abortion? UK cultural imperialism still flourishing

Largely unnoticed by most British taxpayers, the UK has given hundreds of millions of pounds to the so-called ‘reproductive health’ industry in the last few decades, despite the fact there is little evidence that abortion availability provides any concrete benefit to families in the developing world. Scandalously, money provided by Western taxpayers for ‘family planning’… Read more »

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