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Celebrating Pregnancy and Motherhood

Life is calling for greater support for mothers and unborn babies as we celebrate International Day of the Unborn Child tomorrow and Mothers Day on Sunday.

Life Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said “This weekend should be a time for reflection and celebration. We remember with sadness the millions of unborn children terminated by the abortion industry since 1967 and we celebrate the courage of all women who have brought babies into the world.

Today we are lucky to have the technological capacity to observe, in awe and wonder, the baby inside the womb. Never before have we had as much evidence of the unborn baby’s humanity as we do today.

At Life we recognise that while pregnancy comes as a happy surprise to many couples it is also a sudden shock to others. This is why we have reached out with compassion and support for over four decades to women in crisis pregnancies, providing counselling, housing and practical support. At a time when the abortion industry tries to maximise profits by targeting those in crisis pregnancies, it is important that as a compassionate society we reach out with as much support as possible to empower women to continue to have their baby. We call for the government to divert the hundreds of millions of pounds it spends on terminations, towards the provision of greater support for pregnant mothers, especially those in crisis pregnancies.

This weekend we call for all to celebrate the life of the unborn child and the fortitude and love of mothers all over the world.”

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  1. A bub is the most preshurs gift

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