MHKs should stand on the side of women and their unborn baby

Life Isle of Man is urging MHKs to stand on the side of women and unborn babies when Dr Allinson’s liberal and extreme Abortion Reform Bill is debated tomorrow.

Following the bill’s presentation, there have been attempts to downplay its inevitable negative impact on the Isle of Man with Dr Allinson suggesting it could actually lead to fewer abortions.

Life IOM Spokeswoman Sue Richardson said “The abortion bill provides for abortions up to 24 weeks for social reasons, which is effectively abortion on demand for any reason six months into pregnancy. To naively say that this bill would actually reduce the number of abortions is just absolutely ridiculous as it would instead make it one of the easiest places in the world to terminate an unborn baby. There will inevitably be a dramatic increase in the numbers of abortions on our island.

Dr Allinson has welcomed support from the UK’s British Medical Association, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives. No surprises there; these are all organisations which are currently asking for abortion on demand right up to birth in the UK. RCOG’s President Lesley Regan has actually likened abortion to the removal of bunions. Cathy Warwick who headed the RCM when they switched position to supporting abortion on demand is actually Chairman of Trustees for BPAS, the UK’s largest abortion provider. Over one thousand midwives have actually called for the RCM to change this pro-abortion position .

MHKs should also be aware of the strength of feeling from people with disabilities,  who are deeply concerned that this bill will allow for unborn babies to be terminated right up to birth for disability. It is a message of prejudice and discrimination that should not exist today.

As the world’s oldest parliament Tynwald should stand as a beacon of truth and justice for all. Allowing this bill to pass would conflict with this noble ethos. We must protect vulnerable women on this Island who will be denied crucial help and support if abortion on demand becomes the norm. We must also stand up for protection of our unborn children and the future generations of the Isle of Man.”

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  1. June Herridge says:

    Based on Dr Allison's Bill, women are allowed to terminate unwanted babies for social reasons. So does that not mean that if a woman who is pressurised to have sons due to social reasons will be able to terminate her unborn baby if it was a girl? Abortion for whatever reasons is ending the right of life to another human being.

  2. Donald Whittaker says:

    Abortion is murder in the womb . Murder contravenes the 6th Commandment " Though Shalt Do No Murder ." Proponents of this bill are arguing that it should be a woman's right to have an abortion after rape . We already have a law on the Isle of Man covering that . Can someone tell me how many cases of rape are actually committed annually on the Island ?

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