Manx residents support right to life of the unborn

Life Isle of Man says the Abortion Reform Bill being rushed through Tynwald is massively out of step with true public opinion on the Isle of Man.

A new poll of Manx residents by the world renowned research organisation, COMRES, revealed:

  • 86% felt that the baby had the right to life inside the womb.
  • 81% wanted doctors to check if women are being coerced into having abortions.
  • 70% felt that strict measures should be in place to ensure that abortions are not done for gender.
  • 85% felt that counselling should be limited to organisations which have no financial interest in the abortion
  • Only 2 out 10 people felt pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe the abortion pill if neither they nor the woman are sure how advanced the pregnancy is.
  • 48% were opposed to teenagers being allowed abortions without parental consent
  • 63% think doctors should be protected by conscientious objection if they refuse to facilitate an abortion
  • Only half of respondents felt that abortion should be allowed for Down Syndrome right up to birth.

Life IOM Spokesman Malcolm Newton said “So far we have heard that there has been overwhelming support for abortion following the consultation. The truth is, as this poll shows, that the overwhelming majority of people on this Island believe the unborn baby should have the right to life. It absolutely proves that the consultation was not truly representative of what people on this Island want, which in the end is what should matter. This survey shows they want stricter laws relating to abortion not more liberally extreme ones as Dr Allinson proposes.

The fact that 86% of people believe the baby in the womb should have the right to life stands in stark contrast to Dr Allinson’s Bill which takes away the right to life of unborn babies with disabilities right up to birth.

It is time for those in Tynwald, entrusted with upholding justice and equality for all, to ensure the people of this Island are listened to and the floodgates are not thrown open for the abortion industry. They must stand to protect women from exploitation as well as to protect the right to life of the unborn.”

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  1. Eileen Auckram says:

    Good on you, people of the IOM, to vote to protect the unborn baby. It is hard to believe that a Doctor would put forward this bill, which takes away the right to life for those with any disability. My little granddaughter over there would not be alive today if that had been the case 6 years ago. She is doing so well.

  2. Eileen Auckram says:

    Congratulations to the people of the IOM for helping to protect the unborn baby.

    1. Leon says:

      It is of no business of the New Zealand Parliament what the Isle Of Man should choose to do. Please look after your own country.

  3. Eileen Auckram says:

    I hope Tynwald helps to protect the unborn, even if they are disabled.

  4. imber says:

    You will find most residents would be happy if the Island simply followed the UK legislation.

    1. Leon says:

      On the contrary I believe most Island residents are sick of always following in the dubious footsteps of the UK.

  5. Leon says:

    85% of a small sample, skewed by the prejudice of the people who commissioned the survey is not representative of a whole population. This is fake news.

  6. Bronwyn says:

    How many people did they survey for this? That figure needs to be added to add meaning to this article. As a teenage pregnancy statistic 23 years ago, being offered an abortion was the first comment by three different doctors - which really rocked me because I wanted to keep the baby. I think supporting our teenagers is vital as many will want to keep their child, but being told numerous times that it will 'destroy your life' by those around you, including medical professionals, does nothing to help you feel ready for the challenge of being a mum. Providing a non-bias support system is vital and if that is counselling, then I am all for it. I am so glad I kept her - she is my pride and joy and I am a successful, useful part of my community now - so she only enhanced my life!

  7. Jane Nash says:

    I am sure you won't publish this. You are wrong, the support for this bill on the IoM is huge. You are in your own echo chamber of wishful thinking. I support the new act too.

  8. Liz says:

    I’m confused. How come the independent consultation, filled out by over 3,700 residents, “didn’t give an accurate reflection” according to pro-lifers.

    But this, a survey of 500 people, suddenly gives “true public opinion”?

    Could you explain that?

    1. Mark Bhagwandin says:

      For the sake of clarification, the "independent consultation" was actually filled out by anyone with an interest in the Abortion Reform Bill. It was not limited to the people of the Isle of Man. Many of the responses would have come from people off the Island.
      Where the COMRES survey stands out is that it only polled Manx people. COMRES is one of the best known polling companies in the UK. We expect that as a company with its global reputation COMRES would have employed credible research methodology which ensures its sampling is representative of the population.

  9. James Sudlow says:

    What ever the truth is of these polls, pro or anti abortion, it is a fact that abortion is Murder of an unborn child and as such is wholly unnatural and immoral. Even animals don`t do this.

  10. James Sudlow says:

    To call abortion anything other than taking a life of an innocent child is to deny the facts of the action. May God have mercy on the perpetrators.

  11. Di Torin says:

    Bringing one child into the world may not change the world, but it could change the world for that one unborn person. Disabled people give so much to others. What right have we to deny them life, and in that case do we even have the right to live? This is a bill of murder and now leads to destruction of human life. We all have stories to tell, we all make mistakes, but I thought the IOM stood out from the rest of world in its ethics and morals. I was wrong.

    1. Leon says:

      @Di Torin,

      "in that case do we even have the right to live?"
      I think you have just cancelled out your own argument.

  12. June Herridge says:

    No matter what the reasons are for someone to have an abortion, whether the abortion is justified or not according to the law, a child is killed. The right to life of another person has been denied. You can call the baby a bunch of cells or what other term you like to identify it with, you cannot deny that it is a living being,, what we all looked like in our mother's womb, precious and unique.

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