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The reality of 50 years of abortion

Friday 27th April marks the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act coming into force. For 50 years now innocent unborn human beings have had their lives taken cruelly in clinics and hospitals. For 50 years women have been broken by a procedure which involves the taking of their very own.

Today, Friday 27th April 2018, marks fifty years since abortion was made accessible in the United Kingdom.

Nine million unborn babies have lost their lives in gruesome circumstances since then. Untold numbers of women have been broken by the trauma which follows many abortions. Countless families have been torn apart by the pain which rips through so many people’s lives following the termination of an unborn life.

  • Let no pro-abortion advocate tell you that abortion is like the “removal of a bunion”.
  • Let no pro-abortion advocate tell you that “most women experience relief” after an abortion.
  • Let no one tell you that what we have allowed to happen over the past fifty years is in any way acceptable.

Because in accepting abortion, we have accepted the unacceptable.

What we have accepted is the legalised taking of the lives of unborn children on a mass scale.

I remember hearing a BBC 4 radio programme about drink driving in the UK and how changes in the law affected attitudes towards it. Various opinion polls were discussed and one poll conducted before drink driving was made illegal in January 1966 found that attitudes towards drink driving was a far cry from what they are today. Interestingly, many people looked upon drink drivers as mischievous rogues almost, who were practising an innocent sort of carelessness. An opinion poll taken shortly after the ban was brought into force found that attitudes towards drink drivers had hardened significantly. And a final opinion poll which was taken 10 years or so after the ban was enforced found that attitudes had shifted entirely. Rather than viewing them as loveable oafs, society had come to regard drink drivers as seriously irresponsible.

A change in the law always heralds changed attitudes towards the issue in question. Since abortion was made accessible on April 27th 1968 attitudes towards the ending of an unborn child’s life in the womb have changed immeasurably. Making abortion accessible has led to some people even questioning whether anyone should have the right to be opposed to it. Indeed, the cry of those who try to silence those who are pro-life people is often “It’s a legal medical procedure- stop trying to persuade women not to go through with it”.

Because abortion is available in the UK under the Abortion Act 1967, those who are opposed to the practice are often accused of living in the past and trying to get in the way of human rights. In reality, the opposite is true- those who are against abortion want to live in a more humane Present. To allow for a more humane future. To stand up for the human rights of the most vulnerable in society- the innocent unborn.

The experience of those who have endured abortion should give the UK pause for reflection on the question of whether abortion should be legal or not:

“Nothing can prepare you for it mentally or physically… I basically endured many hours of excruciating pain and passed the embriotic sac/placenta into my pad … As I went to tilt it to tip it out I saw the baby! About 2/3 of the length of my thumb and Tiny perfectly formed fingers and toes, I completely broke down. As it was the middle of the night my partner had drifted off so was alone with it.” 

  • How long will society ignore the silent scream of babies who already have “perfectly formed fingers and toes“?
  • How long will we close our eyes to the brutality of abortion, which involves starving fetuses of nutrition in early pregnancy and involves their dismemberment in later pregnancy?

If people were told in 1967 that the availability of abortion would involve 200,000 babies’ lives every year being taken in clinics and hospitals and that their remains would often be flushed down the toilet, as happens with medical abortion, or often placed in hospital incinerators, as happens following surgical abortions, they would be appalled.

Society has closed its eyes to the reality of abortion and this has happened precisely because it has been made freely available. “It must be okay, because it’s legal” goes the mantra.

Intentionally taking a child’s life has never, and will never, be okay. It is time to stop accepting the unacceptable. It is time to stop putting our heads in the sand to try and blot out the unimaginable horror of abortion. And it is time to start doing something meaningful to make this horror a thing of the past.

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  1. Rosemary Elliott says:

    I entirely agree with the above. Taking life is not like having a part of our body removed, it's taking the life of an innocent victim. I have counselled women who've had an abortion who think about it every day. The pain never goes away.

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