A disgraceful disrespect for democracy

Life condemns the actions of the parliamentarians who have committed one of the most disgraceful assaults on democracy against the people of Northern Ireland through amendments to the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Bill.

Amendments to the Northern Ireland Bill were passed today, supported by majorities in the House of Lords and House of Commons in favour of abortion being imposed on Northern Ireland. If the Northern Ireland Executive is not convened by 21st October, abortion will be imposed on Northern Ireland. The objections of their elected representatives in the Commons, the 2016 vote of the Northern Ireland Assembly rejecting abortion and the petition of 17,000 people against the amendments have all been ignored.

Life’s Director of Advocacy Liz Parsons said:

“This Bill with its abortion amendments is a vicious slap in the face of the people of Northern Ireland and their elected representatives at Westminster. It represents a mad opportunistic rush by allies of the abortion lobby to exploit the current absence of the Northern Ireland Assembly to bully the people of Northern Ireland into accepting abortion.

The amendments which had nothing to do with the original purpose of the Bill, have been included and passed despite protests and warnings of the danger and risks of having abortion provided outside the framework of the law. The appeal from Lord Shinkwin  that the amendment will remove protection for, and discriminate against disabled unborn babies, was swept aside. So too were the impassioned pleas of Baroness O’Loan and representatives of the Democratic Unionist Party. It is indeed a dark day for democracy when the very institutions which should be its guardians decide it is right and proper to impose their will on the people of Northern Ireland without consultation or consent.

We urge all parties in Northern Ireland to do the decent thing and resist this undermining of devolution by Westminster and return to the table before 21st October in order to stop these dangerous abortion amendments. Not to do so, will leave vulnerable women in Northern Ireland at the mercy of the abortion industry which has been waiting for a very long time to get their hands on Northern Ireland.”


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  1. Barbara Harrison says:

    I totally agree with both comments.

  2. Derek Glenn says:

    This is a shameful disregard for the wishes of the people of NI by imposing this abhorrent amended Bill on their people when the NIE is in recess. I hope and pray that the NIE will reconvene promptly and comprehensively reject it for what it is - a license for ending the lives of defenceless babies before they have even been born. Many abortions can only be described as premeditated murders of convenience: We have lost sight of our humanity in our headlong pandering to a vociferous group that is riding roughshod over anybody that stands in its way. We should wake up and reverse this now!

  3. Graeme Garvey says:

    Quite so; an absolute disgrace and we have had more than 50 years of this. It is more than time that good people, conquering their fear, finally grouped together in large numbers to truly defend the unborn and stop a small but powerful coterie from dictating to us.

  4. Anne Schneider says:

    A very good letter with which I am in full agreement. This was absolutely disgraceful

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