A Momentous Year

2018 promises to be a momentous year in the UK, and one with global ramifications.

I am not thinking here of Brexit or other (relatively) trivial political issues. Rather, it is the year that the abortion industry has been planning for – the year in which they plan to push for Abortion on Demand.

As a clever piece of marketing, they are using the expression ‘De-Criminalisation’ to describe their aspirations. After all, who wants to ‘criminalise’ either women in desperate circumstances, or doctors?

They have also ensured that the various Colleges (of doctors, nurses, midwives etc) are all lined up – regardless of the wishes of their members.

There is a draft bill ready and waiting, and a huge campaign ready to be launched.

So we need to understand what ‘De-Criminalisation’ is likely to mean, and to consider what we can do to oppose it.

‘De-Criminalisation’ will mean that there is no legal framework surrounding the provision of abortion in this country.  It will be treated purely as a medical procedure, and any guidelines will be at the discretion of medics and in practice (judging by the way the Colleges have operated recently) based on the wishes of the abortion providers.

The probable consequences of this will be:

  • Abortion on demand, up to birth, for any reason.  That will include abortion for being the ‘wrong sex’ (typically female), as well as for any reasons of social convenience.
  • The removal of any rights of conscience for medical or ancillary staff to refuse to participate in abortions.
  • The inclusion of abortion as a compulsory part of medical training for medics entering Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • The removal of safeguards for those taking abortifacient medicines: ie DIY abortions, at home.
  • The inclusion of aggressive pro-abortion ‘education’ in our schools.

It is quite conceivable that the work of prolife organisations will be dubbed ‘hate crime’ and made illegal. The current campaign for ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics, in the absence of any evidence of intimidation or harassment, shows the direction of travel here.

In a country where abortion has already been implicated in various Serious Case Reviews as facilitating the abuse of young girls in Rochdale etc, removing abortion from any kind of legal framework seems particularly perverse.

The UK is being used as the pace-setter:

The goal is to use the UK as an exemplar to all other countries in the world, and make abortion a universal right, the denial of which will lead to severe sanctions (again, we can see the ground work being laid for this already).

So it is imperative that all people of good will, who believe that human life is inviolable, should do whatever they can to oppose this evil movement this year.  I hope and expect that the various prolife organisations in the UK will be mounting various educational and political campaigns; and they will need as much support as we can muster.  If we fight, it will be hard work, but we may conceivably stop the spread of this evil. If we do nothing, we are sacrificing future lives not only in this country, but globally.



An impelling article from a supporter of Life.

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  1. Celia says:

    My heart froze as I read this comment. At the same time, I felt the deepest battle cry echo all around. It is no longer a time of quiet resistance. An era of crystal clear and brave voices ready to speak the truth and prepared to be the megaphone for the millions of little cries that are relentlessly and cruelly silenced, is upon us.

    1. Clare says:

      Me too Celia. I agree with you 100%, and although it often feels as though we're in the minority I believe there are a huge number of people in this country who privately share our horror but feel unable to speak out for fear of being labelled extreme or anti-women. I don't think social media helps with this, as I imagine most people will have a friend, family member or acquaintance who has had an abortion in the past (whether they are aware of it or not), and it can be incredibly hard to express a pro-life view without it being taken as an unintended personal attack. It's difficult for men too, as they are so often undermined and shut down by pro-abortionists who believe their biology somehow makes their input irrelevant. I do wonder how we can encourage these people to make their voices heard. Perhaps all the pro-life organisations could join together to launch a '#notinmyname' type campaign?

  2. bernadette says:

    they actually have the nerve to suggest that that to be pro life would be a hate crime ? what could be more hateful than the murder of the innocent unborn !

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