Abortion to be imposed on Northern Ireland and on demand in England and Wales

Life condemns the hijacking of the Northern Ireland Bill and the passing of amendments today by allies of the abortion lobby to impose abortion on Northern Ireland and remove legal restrictions on abortion in England and Wales.

Stella Creasy MP was today successful with her amendment tacked on to the Northern Ireland Bill which instructs the Government to provide for a repeal of sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Persons Act (OAPA), effectively legalising abortion in Northern Ireland and removing it from the law in England and Wales.

Life’s Spokeswoman, Clara Campbell, said:

“We condemn this move by some patronising Westminster politicians to impose abortion on the people of Northern Ireland despite their representative assembly rejecting it just three years ago. This is a mad opportunistic rush by allies of the abortion lobby to exploit the current absence of the Northern Ireland Assembly to bully the people of Northern Ireland into accepting abortion. We note that just recently a ComRes poll showed that 66% of women in Northern Ireland do not want abortion legislation imposed on them.

Any reform of the law on abortion in Northern Ireland should involve the people of Northern Ireland, not done by edicts from Westminster pushed through by a group of MPs who believe they alone know what is good for women there. Their shrewd attack on sections 58 and 59 of OAPA will remove all legal barriers to abortion in England and Wales, and usher in a complete free-for-all business dream for the abortion industry.

Ms Creasy’s amendment today, far from helping women in the UK, leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. It nullifies the need for legal checks and conditions on abortion which are key to protecting both women and unborn children. It also means an escape from prosecution for people who force women into an abortion. As a charity which truly cares about women we are deeply saddened by today’s amendment. It is a dark day for women and their unborn children.”

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7 people are talking about Abortion to be imposed on Northern Ireland and on demand in England and Wales

  1. Patrick Mc Cole says:

    This is terrible God will be very annoyed.

  2. prolifeskeptic says:

    All my friends are celebrating this. The same ones who normally complain about British occupation in Ireland are welcoming an amendment made by Westminster. Unsurprising really as they are usually total hypocrites.

  3. Walter Hamilton says:

    Creasy represents a London constituency. How does she presume to manipulate the stalemate at Stormont to impose her views on the people of Northern Ireland? It is yet another example of the way English politicians have always felt free to run roughshod over Irish affairs.

  4. Chris Delaney says:

    British MPs, who on one hand say they are supporters of democracy, then cynically vote for this proposal, should hang their heads in shame. This move almost smacks of old fashioned Imperialism, where a less powerful country has it's laws imposed on them from outside by others who think they best. A dark day for both British democracy and the Pro-Life cause

  5. Helen Birkbeck says:

    An appalling result for democracy and for innocent life.

  6. Maria Bowes says:

    The reality of it is it is the Mother to be that ultimately makes the decision to have her baby killed albeit often with pressure from family members. In reality how often have people been prosecuted? I am sorry but to me going on about prosecution is a red herring. The ultimate choice still hasn't changed and still rests with the Mother. The worst thing about this horrible rushed new piece of legislation is that it cheapens life yet further. It is more important than ever now that vulnerable Mums to be know there is the support they need out there therefore let this actually become an opportunity for the Life voice to rise yet higher rather than be dismayed at people playing politics and pandering to anti-life causes.

  7. j p harris says:

    What else would one expect from from Metropolitan Metrosexuals. How does that song go?... Like to help you son.. but too young to vote..!! Sh
    sould be daughter as 2/3 rds of aborted babies are female!!

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