An alarming suggestion to endorse abuse of the Abortion Act

We are alarmed at a newspaper report today suggesting that new guidelines are being drafted for abortions to be authorised without patients having to see a doctor. The Telegraph has also reported Health Minister Jane Ellison revealing that more than 96000 women who had abortions in 2012 had not seen a doctor.

The vast majority of abortions are performed for mental health reasons following approval of two doctors, as required under the law. How can a proper assessment of a patient’s mental health be arrived at without a doctor actually seeing the patient? The admission by the health minister that over half of the women who had an abortion had not seen even one doctor raises the question of whether those abortions were at all legal under the act.

What is most disturbing is that there would be a suggestion that new guidelines should actually make this practice which renders the law meaningless, acceptable behaviour in the abortion industry.

For too long the abortion industry has blatantly abused the law resulting in abortions now being performed at the rate of one every three minutes. Endorsing such abuse of the law cannot be in the interest of pregnant women. Women who have genuine mental health problems must be seen by doctors if they are to be properly diagnosed in good faith and receive the support they need. Their needs are not met by the wanton pre-signing of forms and the diagnosis of mental health risks by doctors who have never seen them.

If we are to act in the interest of women and reduce the extremely high number of abortions every year, the abortion industry must be reined in by the Department of Health, not given licence for a free-for- all.

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