Baby ‘Alexander’

Little 'Alexander' is five months old. He’s growing fast and full of life. His mother is delighted with him, but things might have been very different for her.

When she found she was pregnant it was a great shock. She felt confronted by a range of different problems and was thinking about having an abortion. She decided to ring the Life National Helpline.

Surrounded by the love and listening of our trained Helpliners, she realised that at heart she wanted to continue her pregnancy. The Helpliner put her in touch with one of Life’s Pregnancy Matters™ Centres near her home. The Centre immediately put a support plan in place, arranged for a member of their team to attend hospital appointments and scans with her, and helped her emotionally through skilled listening services. Happily, Alexander was delivered by Caesarean section. Life still keeps in touch with mum and baby, who both appreciate the ongoing practical support they receive.

Alexander’s mother says,

“He’s my little miracle, I might easily not have him if it weren’t for Life. I spoke to someone on the Helpline, and then had ongoing support from my local Pregnancy Matters™ Centre. If I hadn’t found Life I might easily instead have found somewhere to go for an abortion.”

Note: Baby’s name changed to protect the mother’s anonymity.

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