Christmas donation from local school!

Trinity Catholic School in Leamington gave a huge in-kind Christmas donation today at the Link One offices.

Two teachers and nearly a dozen pupils from Years 7, 8, and 9 arrived with the donation in a minivan this morning, spending more than an hour helping to sort all the supplies into boy/girl and by age, and having great fun doing so as well.

The school gathered the donation – two dozen bin-bags full of baby clothes, nappies, Moses baskets, toys, maternity clothes, and supplies for mum – as part of a Christmas advent drive inspired by a Life Before Birth talk given at the school by Link One’s Life Matters® Officer, James. We will use all the items to support Pregnancy Matters™, Life’s flagship service offering positive alternatives to abortion for women in crisis pregnancies.

Thank you Trinity – teachers and pupils – for participating in our mission and for helping those in need.

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