Counselling is counselling

Life’s care service provides non-directive, impartial counselling and skilled listening.  We offer women a safe, confidential space to explore all their options when faced with a crisis pregnancy.  We do not tell women what to do and we do not give advice – if we did it would not be counselling.  We abide by BACP guidelines for counselling.

If a woman attends counselling provided by an abortion provider (who will not be opposed to abortion) she would, quite rightly, expect to receive impartial counselling and for her choice to be respected. Similarly, when a woman first goes to her GP with an unplanned pregnancy, she has the right to expect that her GP’s personal views on abortion are not a factor in their discussion.

When a woman comes to Life facing a crisis pregnancy we respect her right to receive a professional, non-directive, non-judgemental and compassionate service.  This is at the heart of all that we do.  Yes, we are opposed to abortion, just as an abortion provider supports abortion, but this does not enter into the counselling room.

Being prolife is often unfairly portrayed as the extremist viewpoint, when in fact it is no more extreme than being in favour of abortion.  Indeed, in many ways, it is the moderate view; by providing a woman with the opportunity to explore all  her options in the midst of her crisis we are genuinely helping her to find her own path through the turmoil.

The difference with Life counselling is that all her options can be explored if the woman chooses to do so.  If the client wants to have time to think about her options and explore ideas then this is provided for her.  She can take all the time she needs and have as many sessions as is required.  If she chooses abortion, we will not refer her for one, but we will provide her with after-abortion counselling should she need it.

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