Court rules upholding human rights of unborn in breach of human rights

Life is deeply disappointed at the Belfast High Court ruling today which declared that Northern Ireland’s abortion law is incompatible with Article 8 of the ECHR. 

Mrs Justice Keegan upheld Ms Ewart’s case and ruled that the law in NI is in breach of human rights as it does not allow for abortion in cases where a baby is found to have a life limiting condition.

The law as it stands in Northern Ireland only permits abortion in cases where the mother’s mental or physical wellbeing is at risk.

Life Northern Ireland’s spokesperson, Aisling Dundee, said:

“Women who find themselves in the heart-breaking position of having a child diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, such a Ms Ewart did, need robust perinatal support in order to deal with the physical and emotional agony of losing a child. In our experience, the intrusion and tragedy of an abortion only adds to the trauma of their ordeal and is neither a humane or compassionate solution. 

We are shocked and disappointed that Mrs Justice Keegan did not comment on the need for alternative care services or governmental funding for such services, which can only serve to empower women and help them to a place of healing.

For almost 40 years, Life NI have worked to support women through difficult pregnancies and have recently launched a perinatal service designed to offer families whose baby is diagnosed with a life limiting condition appropriate counselling and guidance throughout the pregnancy and beyond.”

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  1. joseph judge says:

    I cannot understand what it is about the passage of a human being down the birth canal that converts a n infant human with no legal rights to a baby enjoying the full protection of the law. Also the problem with the European Convention on Human Rights is that it purports to give one rights one already has in Natural Law and having so purported it also claims the right to amend : it is just a product of modern secular relativism.

  2. Joe McGarry says:

    Really sad that a court decides that an unborn child has no human rights. Ms Ewart appears to have been used by others to make the mistake that human rights are restricted to certain "groups" and not others. The denial that the unborn child is not human is biggest mistake here. Basic biology is ignored for the false belief that this is what is best for those other "groups". Regrets will follow as sure as day follows night.

  3. Thomas Noblet says:

    No doubt, satan really is on the prowl, and so many people appear to be in his power. Jesus alone is Saviour. This ruling states that black is white.

  4. Sarahcutter says:

    Just for the record before Modern science woman even woman with big Families embraced a child born with birth defects and loved that Child. And the child loved them back the trouble with some modern working mothers is the don't want a baby that's going to upset their lifestyle

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