Declining demand for abortion from people in Northern Ireland

Abortion statistics released this morning reveal that residents from Northern Ireland obtaining an abortion in England or Wales decreased from 1,053 in 2018 to 1,014 in 2019. Conversely, England and Wales statistics experienced a substantial increase of over 4,000 abortions resulting in 209,519.

Life NI’s Regional Manager Joanne Doak said: “It is not at all surprising that there was a reduction in demand for abortion from residents in Northern Ireland. Despite all the changes that have happened over the last year, Northern Ireland has always maintained a true respect for the value of life.

Northern Ireland is only just beginning to have a genuine say regarding the abortion regulations introduced this year and finally there is real debate about this issue taking place in Stormont. In a year when Westminster imposed the most extreme abortion regulations into Northern Ireland, there might have been an expectation that the demand for abortions would have increased, when the reality is the total opposite.

Life NI calls upon decision makers in Stormont to recognise the declining demand for abortions and to reject the extreme, over-reaching abortion regulations which have no place in Northern Ireland.”

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