Embryo jewellery both sad and deeply troubling

Life's press statement on the story that surplus embryos are being turned into jewellery by some parents.

Life’s Director of Education, Anne Scanlan, said:

“Life finds the story of surplus embryos being turned into jewellery both sad and deeply troubling. It is the perfect example of the mental gymnastics that many couples must do to justify the choices they have made in order to give birth to their own biological children.

Embryo jewellery demonstrates the fact that many parents cannot bring themselves to believe the pro-choice mantra that embryos are just “clumps of cells”. Deep down, there is the awareness that these embryos are their sons and daughters who should be honoured in some way.

We feel for the parents faced with the terrible dilemma of what to do with their surplus embryos but this is the reality of the IVF industry which has seen almost 2.5 million embryos deliberately destroyed in the United Kingdom since 1990.

Faced with the reality of their ‘surplus’ children being discarded down a laboratory sink sadly some parents now think the ‘best’ they can do is to literally turn them into objects. Turning children into stone used to belong to the realms of fairy tales, but when it is being lauded as an expression of love, we know society has lost all bearing on reality”.

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  1. That is very tragic turning human baby.s into bling It.s getting more bibaric

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