European Parliament Condemns Forced Abortions in China

We welcome the European Parliament's condemnation of forced abortions in China and call for the international community to move beyond words to get China to stop the violation of women's rights.

The European parliament passed a motion yesterday stating that the practice of forced abortions and sterilisations in China, in the context of the one child policy is unacceptable. It highlighted the abduction and forced abortion of a woman recently. It also expressed concern that illegal and widespread sex selective abortions, has created an imbalance between the numbers of men and women, negatively impacting all of Chinese society. European MPs called for an independent inquiry into infanticide and forced abortions in China.

Life Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin says “We welcome the resolution but the international community must now move beyond words to make it clear to China that there is no support for the consistent and flagrant violation of women’s human rights. In particular financial support by Western Governments, including the United Kingdom, whether directly or indirectly, for the execution of China’s one child policy, must stop.

We repeat the call for the UK government to halt the disbursal of more than £20M every year to the UN Population Fund and over £100M to the International Planned Parenthood Fund because of their support for China’s one child policy.

The barbaric assault, prosecution and disempowerment of women, the violation of their human rights and the wanton destruction of millions of unborn children cannot continue unabated. It is time for Britain and the international community to send a direct and clear message to China and the international agencies supporting its one child policy that enough is enough.”

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