Evidence for gender selected abortions in the UK

The Independent newspaper reports on research that there is a significant gap of “missing girls” in the British population due to girls being deliberately targeted for abortion because of a preference for male children. This has led to some people calling for a more careful approach to disclosing the sex of unborn children.
Similar stories have appeared regularly in the press over the last few years, leading to inquiries by health regulators and by the Crown Prosecution Service. There is some dispute over whether population data actually suggests a bulge of “missing girls” or not. Government ministers have argued in the past that there is no evidence for such a problem and that sex-selective abortion is not a problem. However, other research suggests that it might not be so simple and that there are missing girls.
At LIFE we oppose all abortion. Nevertheless, abortion of female unborn children simply because they are girls is particularly unjust and a serious violation of our society’s commitment to key values like equality for all and non-discrimination. We hope that the government will decide to take this problem seriously and take meaningful steps to reduce sex-selective abortion.”

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