“Fantastic teamwork!”: Mums at Littlehampton house learn life skills with gardening volunteer

The mums in the Littlehampton house in Link Four have been having regular Life Skills sessions in the garden with a volunteer.

Life Skills sessions are all about learning self-confidence and how to live independently with their baby when they leave the house.

The mums learnt how to:

  • Mow the grass
  • Trim a bush
  • Weed the sides
  • Use garden tools recently donated to the house by generous locals
  • And pull down an old tree!

There were lots of giggles and laughter during these sessions. Even the kids got involved! And the mums have started contributing ideas on what they want the garden to look like next spring.

Recently the clients found a hedgehog in the bushes – they’ve decided that he’s the garden pet, and named him Elvis.

The gardening volunteer said:

“’It has been great fun working in the garden together, helping each other to improve the front and back gardens. We have tackled overgrown brambles, a border full of weeds, autumn pruning with secateurs, digging to pull up roots, digging up a tree and we even discovered a sleeping hedgehog under a bush. All enjoying the fresh autumn air together! Fantastic teamwork!”

Good job everyone!

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