Generous Donation from Christian Fellowship Church (CFC)

Thank you Christian Fellowship Church!

Thanks to a generous donation from Christian Fellowship Church (CFC), our Pregnancy MattersTM staff were able to make this Christmas very special for our clients and their babies. Our staff were able to provide Christmas dinners and presents including new coats and other winter wear. The CFC also arranged a relaxing ‘pamper day’ for our clients, which took place on 08.12.18 (see photos below). Our new peer mentor, Leona, who is a past client, attended the event and used her personal experiences to befriend and encourage our present clients. The CFC and Life: N.I., moreover, were able to arrange two special joint-events. The first was a baby blessing ceremony for one of our clients, and the second was a coffee morning promoting the Homeless Awareness Week, which sought to raise awareness of homelessness in Northern Ireland and what help is available. For all this and more, thank you Christian Fellowship Church!



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