Government says no change in abortion regulations

Life is relieved at a statement this morning by the Government which says its announcement yesterday that both abortion pills in medical abortions can now be taken at home, was actually published “in error”

Today’s advice from the Government says there will be no change to abortion regulations.

Life’s Director of Advocacy Liz Parsons said: “We are relieved that the Government has seen the wisdom in not bowing to the demands of the abortion industry for total DIY abortions. However we remain worried that the announcement yesterday may betray a serious consideration by the Government of these demands.

We will repeat our consistent warning that removing medical abortions from the supervision of medical professionals and to have it completely in the home, places women in grave danger.

At a time when the NHS is under heavy pressure, women can be in serious danger if they suffer complications at home which require urgent medical intervention.

We repeat our call on the Government to stay steadfast in resisting the pressure to remove all legal barriers to abortion. The call for abortions to be done completely at home is a further step in that direction and would leave thousands of pregnant women in crisis, vulnerable to exploitation by abortion clinics. At a time when the Government’s narrative is about protecting and keeping people safe, it must ensure that pregnant women and their unborn babies are also considered for such protection. In this regard it must act in the interest of women by ensuring that abortion is not allowed to be provided outside of the law.”

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  1. Tony Waring says:

    Do we know if abortions are being performed during the lockdown and if so what numbers are involved ? Surely social-distancing should come into the equation.

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