Government make disastrous U-turn on DIY abortions

Life is deeply concerned and confused at news the Government is overturning their position, for the third time in less than a week, to allow medical abortions to be completed entirely at home after a telephone/ video consultation.

For the last week there has been uncertainty over whether the Government would change the law to allow women to take the second abortion pill at home, as well as the first. The change was announced last Monday and then reversed the following day. Now it appears, one week later, that the Government are performing yet another U-turn and are allowing the change to take place.

Life’s Director of Advocacy Liz Parsons said: “It is unconscionable that the Government is contradicting their stance, yet again, to allow women to be taking both stages of the medical abortion at home. It is an absolute disgrace that the abortion lobby should take advantage of the terrible situation we find ourselves in, with COVID-19, to instigate the biggest change to the Abortion Act (1967) we’ve seen in years, without any public consultation.

These significant changes will make it nearly impossible to discover underlying mental health issues, coercion or abuse, leaving these women without the real help and support they desperately need. At this time our nation is rightly focused on how we can protect vulnerable people and save as many lives as possible; a U-turn on this contradicts everything this lock-down stands for and pulls focus from what should be our priority – saving lives.

Life are also experiencing an increase in demand for our services by over 135%. Our response as a nation should be to offer increased counselling and practical support to empower these women; not to feed into the culture of fear by promoting DIY abortions.

The baby in the womb is one of the most vulnerable human beings in our society. We urge the Government to listen to its own advice and continue to put vulnerable people first.”

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4 people are talking about Government make disastrous U-turn on DIY abortions

  1. Diana Neville says:

    Is there any chance of overturning the latest shocking governmental support for home abortions? Why should the lives of even more babies be cut short and their mothers denied the support of human love when facing what they have done in killing their child during lockdown. This is a really desperate situation which cannot bring anything but terrible suffering to the baby, the mother and society itself. Nobody can hide from the truth here.

  2. Thomas Noblet says:

    I did not vote Labour, because Labour, in their manifesto, very strongly promoted Abortion and naievley I thought Conservatives would be more against Abortion. What an absolute mess the country is in; and also the world. What we learn in the Bible is everything goes wrong when God and Jesus are ignored. I really do wonder if God is trying to speak to us via the Coronavirus.

  3. Gill says:

    This is disastrous

  4. Máiréad Kerwin says:

    When did the present UK government ever care about the most vulnerable. Votes over lives is their aim and they are winning, these days. Sad but true//

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