High number of DIY abortions cause for alarm

Abortion statistics released this morning , showing a 5 % increase in medical abortions with 94,458 medical abortions for the first half of this year, should be a source of great concern and alarm for all.

The Department for Health said a total of 109,836 abortions were done from January to June, with April the first month of the lockdown, recording 4,500 more abortions compared to April 2019. Over 23,000 DIY abortions (both pills taken at home) were done during the first three months of the lockdown. The percentage of abortions that were done with both pills taken at home jumped from 33% in April to 51% in June.

Life’s Director of Advocacy Liz Parsons said “Conspicuously absent from the statistics was the number of complications resulting from medical abortions. Last year there were 273 complications from medical abortions. We would be interested to know how many of the 23,000 abortions done completely at home also resulted in complications.

If by releasing these statistics the Government is hoping to use the fact that more women had abortions at home as a reason to make DIY abortions permanent, it should think again. With hundreds of women suffering complications every year, no policy maker who is serious about the health and welfare of women should be comfortable with DIY abortions. We repeat our warning that abortions done at home  expose women to significant risk when complications arise and they have to be rushed to hospital, especially at a time when the emergency and health services are under severe pressure. Will it take an actual tragedy for those advocating DIY abortions to come to their senses?

From a long term perspective, we have repeatedly warned that the lax monitoring and regulation inherent in DIY abortion provision helps child sex abusers and groomers to use abortion more easily to hide their criminal activities. This is likely to be even more a problem during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We urge the Government not to cave in to the abortion lobby and their political allies, who have unashamedly used the Covid-19 crisis to try to further their ideological  agenda by pushing for greater sale and home use of abortion pills. We expect the Government to act to protect women and their unborn children by rejecting demands to make DIY abortions permanent.”

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  1. Michael Scott says:

    I agree and hope that the does not make DIY abortions at home a permanent arrangement.
    Here on the Isle Of Man this was made legal from 24th May last year. Requests for figures of the number of DIY abortions by LIFEIOM,are ignored by Public Health, where previously suction terminations were available for public discourse. We can sadly assume that the volume of women facing complications and needing A & E care for complications, such as severe bleeding is similar to England. At least LIFE Leamington can access the statistics of the barbaric practices there.

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