Illegal abortion pills without legal sanction

Life is disappointed by the ruling at Belfast Crown Court today that a mother charged with supplying her daughter with abortion pills bought online is not guilty of any offence. 

Today’s verdict flies in the face of NIO guidelines regarding abortion, updated just yesterday, which clearly state the procurement and supply of abortion pills is still a criminal offence in Northern Ireland under the Medicines Act 1968.  

Life NI spokeswoman Aisling Dundee said: “Today’s ruling, so soon after the reprehensible changes in our abortion laws, exemplifies the dangers of the legal limbo we find ourselves in in Northern Ireland. Yet again we have been failed by our politicians and lawmakers, who assured us that existing legislation would deal with issues where the law is being broken.

This case points towards the many problems that will emerge in the near future, where abject criminality will be overlooked in light of the decriminalisation of abortion.  We call on legislators to address this disgraceful contradiction in the application of the law in order to protect women from the dangers of unregulated abortion pills.”

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  1. Jessica Chesterton says:

    That,s very disgraceful allowing murder The youngest lifes who aint had a chance It,s so very sad the laws don,t care about the unborn who are the most innocent and helpless They,ll get their priyoritys right I red on face book H has started a new pro life adventure That,good It would be better if the laws were run by pro lifers instead of those ignorant pro abortion I hope the facts will come out The sooner the better I hope they don,t take away all protection for unborn bubs

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