In Defence of Liberty and the Unborn

The campaign against prolifers, simply for being prolife is intensifying. This is all part of an attempt to manipulate public opinion, and in particular the opinion of politicians, prior to an attempt to de-regulate abortion.

One obvious example of this is the attempt to outlaw vigils outside abortion facilities. It is noteworthy that the clinic in Mattock Lane, Ealing, is equipped with two CCTV cameras, trained on the gates. Yet despite their ‘log’ of problems allegedly caused by those who pray outside, they cannot produce any evidence beyond hearsay.

That is quite enough for Ealing Council, of course, and the local MP Rupa Huq (who has steadfastly refused to meet any of the women helped by those who keep vigil, despite offers).

Without substantial evidence, with the vigil having been in place for thirty years, the politicians, local and national, want to get rid of the vigils.  In doing so, they will, of course, be serving the financial interests of the abortion providers.  But also, they are supporting a narrative that prolife people are malicious and their views odious.

The Ealing situation has been deliberately manufactured; a group called Sister Supporter has started picketing the vigils, in a noisy and disruptive fashion, trying to provoke an incident, or at the very least upset local residents, in order to have some excuse for a crack-down. Indeed Ms Huq MP has been a supporter of theirs. Something is rotten in the state of Ealing…

The easiest way to demonstrate the sheer hypocrisy, and transparently politically partisan motivation, of this move is to consider the following question: would any of those pushing to end the vigils likewise close down the right to picket in an industrial dispute?  I would lay a substantial wager that Ms Huq and her fellow-travellers would not; and that despite the fact that in many instances, there is clear and sustained evidence of intimidation and harassment meted out from the picket line.  But the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of expression are both deemed so important that they should not be over-ridden without very grave cause.

Whilst Life does not organise such vigils, the charity absolutely recognises the importance of the work they do at the front line, and is acutely aware of the wider implications of the attack on those who do this work.

And it is part of a wider strategy, as witnessed by the current attempt to get the Royal College of Nurses to support abortion on demand (for that is what de-criminalisation will mean in practice). As I have previously written, this strategy has been long in the planning, and is coming to a head shortly.  All prolife people should stay alert and stay informed, and be ready to move in defence of liberty as well as defence of the unborn.

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