Ireland removes protection for the unborn from Constitution

Life is deeply disappointed at today’s vote to remove the only protection for the unborn in the Irish constitution.

Life spokesperson Marion Woods said, “This is a sad and dark day for the Republic of Ireland. We have always believed that the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution was an effective law that valued and protected all lives in pregnancy, both wanted and unwanted from the moment of conception. We have always, and indeed continue to, believe that women deserve better than abortion. Now that the protection of life from fertilisation has been removed from the Irish Constitution we are gravely concerned about the path of travel which will be set in motion by the provision of abortion in Ireland.

We join with those in Ireland who are feeling the weight of this devastating result. The campaign from the “No” side was a powerful indication of how many people in Ireland do value life from conception and beyond. Unfortunately the message has been lost on many.

We are critical of the Irish Government who led the “Yes” campaign. Rather than addressing the issue of crisis pregnancy and provision of all necessary care and support structures for women, unborn babies and families in Ireland, they chose the cheaper option, abortion.

We will continue, however, to demand better than abortion for women and unborn babies because we believe that both lives matter and that life should be valued and enabled in all circumstances.”

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2 people are talking about Ireland removes protection for the unborn from Constitution

  1. Eileen Auckram says:

    I feel so deeply disappointed too that Ireland voted "Yes" to repealing the abortion law which has been in existence for so long. We, in N.Z., have been praying that the "No" vote would prevail

  2. Morag Marinoni says:

    My husband and I are deeply saddened by this decision. Now many Irish families will inevitably get to suffer the same traumas endured by so many in Britain, including the break up of marriages and relations between co-habiting couples - sometimes because the woman cannot forgive herself for what she has done, or forgive whoever forced her to have an abortion, and sometimes because the man, or the woman's parents will not forgive the woman. It is a lose-lose situation for everyone.

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