Joint petition with SPUC: Revoke Marie Stopes’ licence to perform abortions in the UK

Petition for MSI to have their licences withdrawn

Petition for MSI to have their licences withdrawn

In view of their appalling treatment of women, and recognising that every abortion takes the life of an unborn baby, we the undersigned call on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from Marie Stopes International (MSI) their licence to carry out abortions.

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In view of their appalling treatment of women, and recognising that every abortion takes the life of an unborn baby, Life and SPUC call on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from MSI their licence to carry out abortions. Please sign the petition and make your voice heard!

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46 people are talking about Joint petition with SPUC: Revoke Marie Stopes’ licence to perform abortions in the UK

  1. John Janus says:

    Calling Marie Stopes' clinics "death factories" is a wilful and unnecessary incitement to violence and hatred and destroys the validity of this petition.


    I am a member of SPUC and have signed this petition, The NHS was created to save lives not destroy them it is legalised murder and against the law of God all abortion should be Criminalised there is no excuse for it whatever the circumstances.

  3. Margaret Refoy says:

    I support this initiative wholeheartedly.

  4. Margaret Refoy says:

    I support this initiative wholeheartedly. May many lives survive !

  5. Kathleen Fisher says:

    The life of an unborn baby is just as important and valuable as the life of its mother and the baby its own right to live. Abortion is murder by another name.

  6. bernadette says:

    one death of an innocent child is one death too many i cannot see how anyone can equate the wonder of a new human being with the travesty of abortion

  7. Chris Griffin says:

    Killing the innocent and helpless, especially those we are charged to nurture, is a terrible crime against the natural and moral order. It is darkness hanging over our nation, and should be stopped.

  8. Anthony says:

    The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (ratified 20 November 1989 - brought into force 2 September 1990) quite clearly states in the preamble: Bearing in mind that, as indicated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth”.

    The UNCRC is the most complete statement of children’s rights ever produced and is the most widely-ratified international human rights treaty in history. Why is it so massively ignored?
    Abortionists lie about everything from the status of a foetus (it is NOT simply a clump of cells or 'potential' human being - it is an actual human being with the potential to become a toddler, adolescent and adult) to their insistence that they comply with regulations/the law. The biggest lie, however, is that the unborn child is nothing more than part of the mother's body - DNA evidence tells us it is a unique individual.
    Thank-you to all who are working to defend the lives of the unborn - you are taking a brave stance in our new and intolerant world!

  9. Catherine Abery says:

    Save the lives of innocent babies

  10. Catherine Abery says:

    Please save the life of innocent babies

  11. Pam Kyles says:

    Anything to stop this carnage

  12. James Worthington says:

    I agree with all these comments made against abortion and with this petition. Let us have courage to educate work and pray towards an end to this horrific practice of killing babies who cannot speak for themselves and encourage women to keep their babies and support them in doing so. It is indeed a curse on our nation that so many millions have been killed in the UK since the passing of the 1967 Act opened the door in effect to abortion on demand. May God have mercy on us and may there be a real change in our nation about this.

  13. Don Thompson says:

    All human life is precious. Marie Stopes, day by day, are destroying potential statesmen, talented composers, great physicians, inventors,and fighters for women's rights!

  14. D Rodda says:

    One of my good friends would have been aborted if his mother had asked just one week earlier. She got the dates wrong and missed by a week. He is now an amazing helper of so many young people. How many more like him were cut off before birth? Our world is the poorer now because of this.
    But to return to the point of this petition: the Marie Stopes organisation presents itself as caring for women, yet its conduct is the opposite; they just want to money, it seems. It would only be merciful to withdraw their licence.

  15. Michael S. says:

    Among the seven things which God hates (see Proverbs 6:16-17) are “HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD”. What is more innocent than a baby in the womb? Every abortionist is therefore under the wrath of God. I tremble at the very thought of what those baby-destroyers will have to face in the Day of Judgement, unless they repent and seek forgiveness from the Almighty. See 1 John 1:9.


    Surely any political party worth its salt can offer the next generation more than death. Abortion is not a mother's right, it is a dereliction of her duty. Her right lies in being supported in any social or economic difficulty she may face up until birth and after it.

  17. Mary Kendal says:

    worthy cause

  18. Mary Kendal says:

    we must do all we can to end abortion

  19. john rice says:

    Let us pray that he murdering of the most vulnerable and powerless human beings will end forever. It is such evil.

  20. john rice says:

    Let us pray that the murdering of the most vulnerable and powerless human beings will end forever.

  21. David Melville says:


  22. Michael J.H.Mortimer says:

    Ban abortions!



  24. Alan Williams says:

    Abortion was supposedly legalised to save the lives of pregnant women in danger of dying. But experience tells us it was legalised for other ideological and financial reasons which ignored the true human cost in babies' lives and women's health.

  25. Nick says:

    The use of the word "fetus" to describe the unborn human child reminds me of that perversion of language which was used by the Nazis to describe certain ethic groups as "sub-human". It made it so much easier to kill them.

  26. Tony Flanagan says:

    This repulsive organisation--and its competitors in the lucrative abortion industry--should be shut down forthwith. True care for pregnant mothers, not killing their unborn children, must always be the mark of any society that wishes to be considered civilised.

  27. Brian gleaves says:

    Best wishes

  28. Exodus 20:13

    “You shall not murder.

  29. Terry Wilson says:

    We must respect the life and dignity of God given precious life for mom and baby. Yes baby! For that is what they are! This talk of my body, my choice is just plain silly. Babies are not their body, they are a totally separate body, male or female. I agree with this petition to defund Marie Stopes. I don't want any of my taxes going to destroy life at any age. Let us put this money towards palliative care and helping moms and dads to love and care for their babies.

  30. John & June Weeks says:

    A worthy cause

  31. Angela Ireland says:

    Why have marie Stopes still got a licence to Kill?

  32. Walter B Gilboy says:

    Thank you

  33. Walter B Gilboy says:

    My wife and I are SPUC members and we fully support this petition

  34. Walter B Gilboy says:

    I wholly support this

  35. Cheryl says:

    Please stop this appalling practice which is murder

  36. Stephen Taylor says:

    Full support

  37. Elizabeth Payne says:

    Pregnant women who seek abortions need help to have their babies, not butchery.

  38. Denis says:

    Read the story of Marie Stopes. A eugenicist who was an admirer of Hitler. Does any more need to be said.

  39. Claudine MacLullich says:

    I wholly support this petition.

  40. Matthew Parker says:

    I support this petition to have Marie Stopes International (MSI) stripped of their licence to perform abortions in the UK

  41. Jonathan van Kroonenburg says:

    I support this petition.

  42. Hayley Gissing says:

    Please enough is enough! These senseless operations are just 'murder' under a thin veil of disguise. These operations to murder human beings; babies under the name of 'abortion' have become even more shameful - where babies are just a commodity and industries are out to make as much money as they can from through this industry. This particular one - is cutting costs and corners that it endangers even more lives - that of the women undergoing the surgery.

  43. Sandra Ford says:

    It's time to stop this organisation from killing babies and hurting women any more.
    Time and time again they have been called out on their disregard for life, the law and their patients.
    They profess to provide a service for women but rubber stamp them through the most important decision they will EVER make in their lives, a decision that means life or death for their baby and one they will have to live for for the rest of their life.
    Enough is enough.

    1. Jeremy Bugden says:

      Every potential new birth is a gift and for many of us who have a strong faith - is literally a 'Gift'. Putting aside the subject of putting to death a future life on Earth, this organisation appear to not respect the potential damage to a person's (Mothers and Fathers) mental health which can become badly affected due to this supposed organisation 'knowing what is best.' This statement is based on many facts, including: a lack of compassion and care provided to the parent(s) in just having "the right to carefully discuss thoughts, actions and consequences." Unlike another M&S if we buy a pair of shoes and they pinch we can usually take them back with our receipt to change our decision (purchase). Unlike with MS apparent keenness "to get the job done quick" (in one case 22 seconds), there is no turning back.

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