Stop Abortion on Demand

Launching STOP Abortion on Demand Campaign

This weekend we are officially launching the STOP Abortion on Demand campaign.

Diana Johnson MP has made it clear that the Abortion (Decriminalisation) Bill she put forward last year was only the beginning. Abortion lobbyists are now planning to remove abortion from the safeguards of the law completely.
To take abortion out of the legal framework entirely is, as a country, to declare: that abortion on demand, for any reason whatsoever, is a moral good. 
It is the intention of the abortion lobby for the UK to set a precedent for the rest of the world, especially developing countries. There is no doubt in our minds that accepting abortion on demand for any reason will be used to trail blaze the abortion agenda across the globe.

The evidence suggests this will lead to:

  • Abortion could be available up to birth for any reason
  • Abortion will be available on demand
  • No conscientious objection to taking part in abortions
  • Rise in DIY / home abortions
  • Abortion will be compulsory in medical training
We have no intention of letting this go ahead.  We must:
  • Protect vulnerable women who would be open to exploitation without legal framework
  • See through the rhetoric of the abortion lobbyists and understand the facts and truth
  • Assert that no vaguely just or civilized society could ever allow its members to end the lives of other human beings without question for social, psychological or emotional reasons
  • Recognise and protect future generations of our country who have no voice to protest

Keep an eye out for this logo and on this space for more information, videos, facts and testimonies to combat upcoming challenges to the abortion law.

The first of our series of TRUTH PURSUIT: beyond abortion rhetoric can be seen below. Please help spread the word by finding and sharing them on facebook, twitter and instagram and make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel for our exciting video series that is coming soon!

Make no mistake, this is the most critical threat in our fight for the life of the unborn child since the passing of the Abortion Act.

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