LIFE calls on MPs to reject the Assisted Dying Bill

The national pro-life charity LIFE calls on MPs to protect the elderly, sick and disabled by voting against the Assisted Dying Bill to be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow.

LIFE Spokesman Mark Bhagwandin said “This is a dangerous bill which if enacted would place the lives of thousands of vulnerable people at risk. There are no clauses which when taken as they are or even amended would provide effective protection for the elderly, sick and disabled. It is little wonder that so many groups representing vulnerable people are against it. The majority of doctors and people who care for those who would be directly affected by any change in the law are against assisted dying. It is the elderly, sick and disabled and the people who care for them who are saying no to this bill. These are the voices we should be listening to.

Whilst we sympathise with the situation some people may find themselves in, empowering people with the legal ability to help others die opens up the very real possibility of abuse. Changing the law to legalise some forms of intentional killing cannot be regarded simply as a personal matter. It is a question of public safety and the common good. Once we have admitted into law the principle that killing is an appropriate treatment for certain people, it becomes very difficult to control the future application of that principle. We should look, for instance, in the Netherlands, where in just a few short years assisted suicide has gone from being an option for a few people in very severe pain to being offered to teenagers with depression and people who have nothing physically wrong with them but are ‘tired of life’. We therefore stand with the majority of doctors and groups representing the rights of the sick, disabled and elderly in rejecting the assisted dying bill. We call on MPs to remember their duty to protect the vulnerable and vote against this bill.”

For further media comment please call the LIFE Media Hotline on 07867 744502


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