Highest number of abortions

Life concerned at extremely high number of abortions in Scotland

Life is concerned at a consistent and significant rise in the number of abortions in Scotland with a ten year high being recorded last year.

Abortion statistics for 2018 released this morning show a 6.7% increase in the number of abortions performed last year with 13,286 abortions, an average of over 36 abortions every single day.

Life’s Head of Advocacy Liz Parsons said “Scotland should not be proud of this terrible and increasing loss of life year on year. Over the last five years abortions have increased by 20% for women aged between 25 and 29 years old. Worryingly over 30% of women had home abortions after the Scottish government pushed ahead with its irresponsible decision to make the home an approved place for abortions to take place. The one saving grace is that abortions among under-20s are at their lowest ever.

The worsening abortion rate in Scotland shows that pregnant women over 20 are increasingly being failed by the system and are resorting to terminations to deal with their crisis pregnancies. Abortion rates for the most deprived areas of Scotland are twice as high as that of less deprived areas. In 2018, the abortion rate was 17.8 per 1000 in the most deprived area compared with 8.9 per 1,000 in the least deprived area. It strongly suggests that women are ending their pregnancies for economic reasons. In this modern United Kingdom we should be ashamed that women are resorting to ending the life of their unborn child because they cannot afford to have that child. What compassionate society says to a pregnant woman in crisis that the only way out of her crisis is to end the life of her baby? The Government of Scotland should be ashamed of itself for failing to empower these women to continue with their pregnancy.

Life knows from almost five decades of providing practical care and support to women that many of them change their minds about abortion once they are reassured that the support is there. The challenge is for the Government of Scotland to show that it does have the interest of women at heart by providing greater care and support for women in crisis pregnancies.”

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  1. Thomas Noblet says:

    Sadly abortion erodes the very foundations of a nation. When caring and compassion are lost the entire nation is lost and crumbles into oblivion. History is littered with such examples. A stark example is the Roman Empire.

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