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Life disappointed MPs narrowly vote in favour of motion of abortion for any reason

Life is disappointed by parliament’s approval today for the continuation of the Diana Johnson ten minute rule bill which seeks to remove all legal restrictions on abortion.

Following a close vote today, 172 to 142, the bill will have its second reading on March 24.

Life’s Education Director Anne Scanlan said “Ms Johnson’s position that there is no need for legal restrictions on abortion because of the presence of other parliamentary regulation and professional standards is clearly nonsense when one looks at the history of abuses in the abortion industry. Only recently we saw the litany of safety breaches at Marie Stopes abortion clinics placing the health and safety of women at risk. So called “robust regulation” didn’t prevent those failures but at least the law could have been enforced against MSI. The fact that this did not happen simply means that the law must get tougher in order to protect women rather than to disappear totally, only to be replaced by a body of toothless unenforceable guidance notes.

With abortions being done on the scale of 1 every 3 minutes, it is necessary that specific and robust legislation governs this £100M tax-payer funded industry.  Its pursuit of income has not only seen the termination of millions of unborn children but also scandalous health and safety breaches against vulnerable women in crisis.

Ms Johnson tells us that this bill is about removing the threat of criminal punishment against women. Make no mistake, what this bill seeks to do is to remove the threat of potential legal action against the abortion industry as it seeks to grow and expand its market which would include the online sale of abortion pills. The online sale of abortion pills places the health and safety of women at risk. Legal restrictions on abortion actually protect women when they are enforced.

Ms Johnson claims that her bill would not result in gender specific abortions, because these do not fall under the current grounds for abortion. However effectively rendering any grounds for abortion redundant, would mean there would be no need to give any reason whatsoever for an abortion, including that of gender. We realise that the current abortion restrictions have always been a financial bugbear for the abortion industry and their removal would pave the way for abortion providers to double and triple their profits. Having twisted, abused and flagrantly violated the Abortion Act to the point where it has become almost meaningless, this was the next step, to try to effectively discard it totally.  One can only imagine the operational and procedural free-for-all, placing the health and safety of women at risk, if legal restrictions are totally removed.  We urge MPs to stand up to protect women and unborn children by ensuring this bill is not passed by the House”

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  1. bernadette says:

    I cannot believe that in a civilised and just society that this bill has been given parliamentary approval to continue and I sincerely hope that on the second reading on march 24th it will be seen for what it is and stopped in its' tracks

  2. David says:

    So in a society where ultrasound and scans prove beyond any doubt that what is growing in the womb is not a shapeless mass but a defined, functioning human being, MPs are moving towards seriously allowing the killing of unborn children, for any or no reason, right up to birth.

    Can't help but think today has become a good day to bury bad news.

  3. Sandra Ford says:

    Absolutely disgusting.
    As Donald Trump and Mike Pence usher in a new prolife administration in the US, our UK Parliament seeks to destroy the minimal and often ignored defence unborn babies have over here.
    It's time to start respecting life in this country and banning abortion altogether. It has no place in any civilised society.

  4. Eileen Maher says:

    This is something that the abortion agencies and like minded abortionists have been after for ages.........total freedom of abortion provision!!! Given the appalling news about lack of care and good medical treatment in Marie Stopes and other clinics, MP,s must be totally blinkered to vote for such an inhuman Bill. This has nothing to do with women's health care. Nothing to do with the right to life for all. Nothing to do with equality and everything to do with trivialising crisis pregnancies and a total lack of recognition for the humanity of unborn human beings. Its all about more provision for a multi million pound industry and having no safeguards either for women or their unborn babies. I am outraged that in a so called civilised society this could even be considered.

  5. Daphne Keane says:

    To have abortion for all is terrible. Right to life for all should be the way of life.
    How doctors who have trained to preserve life can possibly stoop so low to agree with this. I notice in the local paper Prof Wendy Savage who is on the voting panel of BMA. "Before 24 weeks the foetus is a potential human life at that stage, it is not an actual human life." I believe life begins at conception. We have through science proved this. if there is abortion because of gender it would be very wrong the world would be so imbalanced and if mainly females were aborted where would babies come from would it be men and IVF. I don't think so!!! We as humans try to meddle with nature too much. God has given us the right to life. We must protect and preserve that. Has anyone considered the mental state of girls who have abortions they never forget, also abortion used as contraception is a very dangerous thing ,When these girls decide they want a baby they may be infertile and have acquired STI. There will be more money spent on IVF etc. I don't believe that there will be money available. Let us hope and pray the MPS come to their senses , some may be parents some may not , but life is so precious it should be valued. The people like Mari STOPES should be stopped reaping the financial benefits,

  6. It is discasefal how unborn bubs are treeted to the extent of their lifes Human rights should begin at conception thats when life begins

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