Life Matters® speaks in 15 primary schools about life in the womb

Nearly 500 primary school pupils in 15 schools in Link One heard about the humanity of the unborn child this June, thanks to the work of a very dedicated volunteer talks booker.

The Life Before Birth talk – often given in two or three schools in a day – takes pupils from the beginning of life in the womb at fertilisation, the incredible embryonic stages, the wonders of fetal development, all the way through to birth.

We wanted to share with you just some of the feedback from this year’s talks, so that you can appreciate how teachers and pupils receive these talks:


  • “A thoroughly enjoyable and amazing presentation. The children have learnt some valuable lessons for life.”
  • “Children loved learning about the life process … Thank you for a lovely presentation. The children really enjoyed it and found it very useful.”
  • “All students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive talk. They were all engaged and asked lots of insightful questions.”
  • “I think the children will really take away how special, important and capable babies are even before birth and also how special and amazing life is.”


  • “Quite amazing that we look like that in our mummy’s tummy.”
  • “Fascinating! Amazing!”
  • “It is incredible how quick a baby grows.”

We hope to continue the tradition next June following the well-earned retirement of our volunteer talks booker from their service.

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