Response to Telegraph sting

Authentic crisis pregnancy counselling must be based on high professional standards

In response to this article in the Telegraph

At Life we abide by the highest professional standards on which authentic crisis pregnancy counselling must be based.

There is a time and a place for discussing the potential health consequences of abortion, as even the abortion provider BPAS does on its website, but this must be strictly evidence-based and it is not a subject that should be a routine part of skilled listening or counselling for women in crisis pregnancy. The counselling room is a place for exploring the woman’s individual feelings about her situation so that she can make her own decision in a safe space away from outside pressures.

There may be times when it is appropriate for a counsellor to respond to questions about health consequences from a client. If this is necessary, counsellors should listen, reflect and in some cases signpost to the best research evidence as to ensure genuine informed consent for women.