Life welcomes more resources for vulnerable women

Life welcomes the announcement that it is among a list of charities to receive money from the Tampon Tax fund to support vulnerable women in crisis.

Life has been awarded a grant of £250,000 which will be used to develop our services for women which includes housing, practical help, non-directive counselling and life-skills training for pregnant and homeless women.

Responding to the announcement, Life’s Director of Operations Margaret Coward said “Life has provided support to women in crisis for over four decades. Only last year we housed 187 women at our Life Houses across the country. We provided non-directive counselling and skilled listening to over 2500 women. Since this charity started we have reached out and supported thousands of women at a difficult time in their life. Our commitment to supporting women in times of crisis, with care and compassion is beyond question and we are proud to stand tall amongst the groups which help women every day.

One of our clients wrote last year ‘I would like to say how grateful I am for the courage, strength and belief you gave me in the 14 months of talking to you. You gave me the drive to believe in myself..’.

At Life we see women who are in genuine crisis because of pressures to end their pregnancy coming from partners, parents, employers, and society. We are there to empower those women with the support they need to continue with their pregnancy and to equip them with the skills to help them overcome their personal challenges.

We are grateful to the Government for the money awarded to Life. It is a positive gesture which will go a long way towards helping the thousands of women who are in crisis and need our support.”

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  1. I hope those fund from tampon tax will continyu to fund life and I hope it won.t decrees

  2. Amanda says:

    I have just replied to an email from 38 degrees asking me to sign a petition against this money being awarded to your charity, politely informing them that I am pro-life and would NOT be signing. Their response was less than satisfactory! They accused Life of misleading women and wanted the money to go to an "impartial" organisation. I presume they mean one of the many organisations pushing abortion! We all know how impartial their information is!

    1. Jen says:

      I might be missing something, but that petition says:
      "But instead of helping women, the government’s decided to give the biggest amount - £250,000 - to an anti-abortion group..."

      I've just read the list of beneficiaries and the biggest grant is £1 million to STADV. There are thirteen charities with grants of £250,000 or above. Misleading.

      1. Life says:

        Certainly is misleading! #fakenews!

  3. anne foy says:

    why can't I view the charity's homepage to see if the MP was telling the truth about the content?

    1. Life says:

      Hello Anne, our homepage is here -


    It's a pity the Labour Party doesn't value life of the unborn the MP should back off Ann Scallon Life Charity and others that help vulnerable women to keep there babies deserve this money.

  5. Max says:


    This all misses the point. A charity with Life's core principles (if you agree with them or not) shouldn't accept money from an absurd tax on an essential item. This tax inevitably has the greatest impact on women close or past the poverty line. If you count yourself a feminist, this should stick in you throats way before people's criticism of the allocation does.

  6. Alice Pavey says:

    The MP repeatedly failed to answer the questions she was asked, and in her closing comments stated that the government money should go to "good" causes only - which, she clearly meant, did not include a Life project. Why has she so little regard for her sisters who, in desperate circumstances, happen to be pregnant and want to keep their babies? It's not as if the abortion providers she lauded were offering to house such women.

  7. This is good news and great to hear Ann Scanalan defending the award to LIFE from the sanitary tax which will help women in difficult situations who may have been trafficked and experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Ann your wise words defending the grant were lovely to hear on the Victoria Darbyshire programme this morning. Pity the labour MP who does not support true feminism,stuck in her dark ""choice " space.

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