Link One celebrates its first birthday!

Link One was established one year ago today.

We’ll be sharing a review of the year with you very shortly. In the meantime, Stephen Sharpe, Life CEO, had this to say about our first year:

It is great to see the pilot Life Link One hub up and running and celebrating its first year anniversary. The motivation behind innovation that is Life Link One, the first of many, is to integrate the provision of Life services through Life Matters® and Pregnancy Matters™. Each member of the team has a shared understanding and direct experience of housing, support, education, media and campaigning. The synchronicity of services and roles, including volunteers and friends, enables the charity, at a regional level to be more effective in making abortion a thing of the past and the provision of real alternatives. Beckie, James, Justine and the team have done a sterling job in achieving this vision. Congratulations.

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