Link One at Wolverhampton Deanery Day for Life

Link One's Life Matters® Officer, James Tranter, gave an exciting and hope-filled presentation at the Wolverhampton Deanery Day for Life last Saturday.

The Day for Life commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act and acknowledged the countless lives saved as a result of Life and the prolife movement.

James shared Life’s message by giving the Life Matters® Abortion presentation to the 30 people gathered there. He also took the opportunity to share stories of our recent successes in Life’s relaunch, including the Loving Life Roadshow and how Pregnancy Matters™ Online has doubled the number of people coming to us for help and support.

Wolverhampton & Dudley Life Group also spoke, briefly sharing their story and asking for volunteers to continue our work in the area.

The atmosphere was positive and electrified by the end, with many attendees wishing to help Life further. They also praised the presentation as informative, interactive and enthusiastic.

Thank you Wolverhampton Deanery for inviting us to speak and for your support!


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