COVID-19 lock-down results in massive demand for pregnancy support services

Life is predicting a massive baby-boom as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Demand for our services is already up over 100% just two weeks into the lock-down. Services include skilled listening, practical support, free pregnancy tests and housing for anyone who is affected by an unplanned pregnancy, struggling with a new baby or affected by pregnancy loss, including abortion.

The COVID-19 lock-down has gripped the UK; at its peak last week, Life recorded a 150% increase in one day.

Demand for our online services and requests for our pregnancy tests is growing exponentially

Our houses are close to capacity. The cycle of life continues regardless of COVID-19, two babies born in our houses last week and two more this week.

Life’s Director of Advocacy, Liz Parsons said “Life prides itself on being there for anyone who needs support during pregnancy. Over the last 50 years our services have saved and transformed the lives of thousands of mums, dads and their babies.

At times like this, it is reasonable to expect a baby-boom over the coming year.  The massive increase in demand for our services would suggest to us that, not only has this started, but many women are looking for an alternative when they feel abortion is their only option. Over 27,000 women each year turn to Life for help in seeking an alternative to abortion when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.”

Sadly, the governments mantra ‘whatever it takes’ does not seem to extend to offering alternatives to women who desperately want to keep their babies, but because of other pressures; money, coercion, family, housing, abuse and maybe even COVID-19, think abortion is their only option. Whilst this might be a ‘popular’ view, it is far from the truth. Not all women want abortion.

The Government’s repeated U-turn is unforgivable. The lives of thousands of babies are literally in their hands.  Who is driving this? – is it the politicians or the abortion providers?

For thousands of women that don’t want abortion, this just adds greater pressure, compounded by the government’s refusal to help credible, registered providers of pregnancy support such as Life. Their criticism – that we see two and enable women to access alternative provisions that don’t put them or their baby, (a tiny human), at risk.

We call upon the Government to offer increasing support for organisations like Life that are a safe-haven for women who don’t want an abortion and feel pressured into thinking that it is their only choice.

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  1. Kate Barry- Murphy says:

    I live in the Republic of Ireland and we desperately need this here.

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