Major Chinese study shows significant abortion/breast cancer link

We have called for the abortion breast cancer link to be taken seriously after a major new study from China revealed significant risks for women who have induced abortions.

In what is probably the most powerful evidence brought to support the suggested link between induced abortion and breast cancer, the study published in the prestigious medical journal Cancer Causes Control, concluded that just one abortion increases the risk of breast cancer by 44 percent. For women who have had two abortions the risk rises to 76 percent and then almost doubles after three or more abortions.

The new Chinese study, the third study in three months showing a positive link between abortion and breast cancer, is a meta-analysis of 36 studies covering 14 provinces in China, all of which compared the risk of breast cancer among women who had induced abortions with those who did not. In August this year a Bangladeshi study suggested that abortion raised the the risk of breast cancer by up to 20 per cent.

Commenting on the new study LIFE Chairman Professor Jack Scarisbrick said “Historically Chinese women have had less breast cancer than Western women, but the incidence of the disease has risen ‘at an alarming rate’ over the last two decades.  It has done this in the wake of China’s ruthless one-child policy, which has resulted in a huge surge in the number of abortions.  It seems highly plausible that the latter is the prime cause of the increase in the breast cancer rates.

This study confirms the findings of a pioneer meta-analysis by Dr Joel Brind et al in 1994.  It also challenges some studies which have reported no association between abortion and breast cancer. It is an authoritative piece of research which cannot be ignored. Indeed with over 50 studies showing a positive link between abortion and breast cancer, it is incumbent on the medical community to act now in the interest of women by taking this issue seriously. If there are long term health risks associated with induced abortion, it is right, as in any medical procedure, that women are fully informed of the associated risks.”

See the conclusions of the study here –

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