Merry Christmas!

We're creating a world where there's always room at the inn.

Life’s mission today, helping 150+ women in unplanned pregnancy every day, is a part of the timeless Christmas story. And you are a part of it!

The Christmas pregnancy

The story of Christmas is, in many ways, the story of an unplanned pregnancy.

According to the traditional account, Mary was a young Jewish woman. She was betrothed to be married. She lived under occupation in a small and insignificant town, close to major merchant routes. When she became pregnant before the marriage, her husband-to-be was going to cut off the relationship. After deciding to continue the relationship, they had to make a journey to a larger city for census reasons.

While there, she went into labour. There was no room for them in the “inn” (the Greek word means either a “hotel” or a “guest room”), so she had to give birth to her son in a shelter for animals. She then wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in the feeding-trough for the animals. As the child grew, a government policy forced them to flee to another part of the occupied lands for their son’s safety. The family only returned to their hometown when they were sure they could be safe from the government.

This was an unplanned, tumultuous, and complex pregnancy for Mary. It was full of adverse situations and personal hardship.

Those we serve

The people we serve in unplanned pregnancies can face similar hardships. Maybe, like Mary, some are:

  • Young
  • Poor
  • Facing relational difficulties
  • Facing adverse government policies
  • Without a place to stay

Whatever their story, one thing is common: it’s not easy for them to continue their pregnancy. Often there’s a real cost they must face – time, energy, money, opportunity.

According to the government, there are 830,000 pregnancies a year in the UK. Nearly half are “are unplanned or associated with feelings of ambivalence.”

Despite this, most mums want to have their children – three out of four continue the pregnancy. The other one in four decide to terminate the pregnancy.

In this country, is there room at the inn for every pregnant woman?

The Christmas spirit

Unplanned or unsupported pregnancy is a challenge that demands our love, compassion, and practical help.

These three – love, compassion, practical help – are also the spirit of Christmas. At Life, we try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all the year by constantly serving those in unplanned pregnancy or experiencing pregnancy loss – now more than 150 a day.

We’re creating a world where there’s always room at the inn for mums, babies, and families.

In so doing, we’re serving the gift of life. You’ll have seen the great joy and innocence that children bring. You’ll have seen how people light up around them – how the birth of a child somehow gives us a promise of new hope. The shepherds and wise men travelled to adore Mary’s son, believing him to be the divine saviour. They even gave gifts and assistance to help the new family.

In the same way, we’re serving the gift of new life itself.

All of us at Life wish you a merry Christmas. Thank you for working with us to serve the gift of life.

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  1. Katherine Cribbin says:

    At 10 weeks of pregnancy, an unborn baby is the same size as a nativity set Jesus Christ. Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me. Least means the smallest or the littlest.

  2. Janet Walch says:

    I pray that, each potential mother who finds out today she is unexpectedly pregnant, she will chose life for her baby.

  3. Mrs.M Geraldine Johnson says:

    Thankyou for all you have done and continue to do for Vunerable girls their babies before and after birthThankyou also for educating young people in Schools.Thankyou for counselling those who have had abortions and also providing homes for Mums and their babies who have nowhere else to turn.
    Yes,your parallel with Our Lady two thousand years ago is very meaningful.Have a Blessed Holy Christmas and let's all pray for the end of the pandemic.

  4. June Herridge says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work and dedication in helping mothers in crisis and their babies, preventing abortion, and consoling those who have lost their babies. I hope that through the intercession of Mary our Blessed Mother, mothers with unplanned pregnancy will have the courage to contact you and ask for help. Wishing you all a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas and New Year. God bless. June from Isle of Man

  5. Michael Scott says:

    Liz,Hannah,Mark,and all Life Leamington team, we thank you from the Isle Of Man for all the pregnancy tests, skilled listening and Manx babies lives saved.
    This comparison with the Nativity is very moving. Thank you.

  6. Peter Newton says:

    May all mighty almighty God, his Blessed Mother and St Joseph bless and pray for all those who are engaged in prolife.

  7. Heather Bacon says:

    Also a theatre nurse in the late 60s and early 70s, I shall never forget seeing such a tiny human being, post abortion.
    Later my first pregnancy resulted in twins, born live prematurely at 23 weeks weighing only half a pound each, they lived for half an hour, just long enough to be baptised Sarah and Helen. We always acknowledge their birthday.

  8. Betty Henry says:

    Well done and keep up the good work, Life.

  9. Ann Barlow says:

    Thank you for this modern interpretation of the Christmas story which so accurately parallels the plight of some women today. God bless all those involved in Life in whatever capacity and keep you in His care.

  10. E. Susan Smith says:

    My concern for unborn life began 50ys ago as a theatre nurse. There must be others who wish to use unhappy memories for a pro-life cause.
    A peaceful Christmas to you all.

  11. Juliet Mary Chaplin says:

    Thank you - this is really good!

  12. Margaret Knapman says:

    God Bless you all and may God give you a joyful Christmas.
    Love from

  13. Stella Walker says:

    When we think of Mary,how frightened she must have been,we remember the plight of expectant mothers now.Some are poor,some are homeless,some are in refugee camps or asylum seekers in a foreign land.They need our support and prayers and the help from Life.
    Thanks to all who help in many ways..

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